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Software Training

Software and business applications, or even new devices such as mobiles and tablets are getting into the market very often , sometimes in order to get your business on the right path , you may decided to implement one of these new technologies ( it can be new version of Microsoft Windows , Microsoft Office or new mobile or tablet), but how about getting your employees up and running these technologies without any problems.

At Compass softwares we provide software and technologies traning , for you and your employees. We can takes the pressure off your existing staff to have to deal with the daily business, learn a new software, create and implement training programs and also monitor employee understanding with the new system. We offer personal or group training both in English or Thai.

list of available training programs
  • • Microsoft Windows XP , Windows 7 , Windows 8 includes Windows RT .
  • • Microsoft Execel , Word , Outlook and other Office products
  • • iPhone and iPad mobility uses
  • • Samsung and other Smartphone run with Android OS
  • • Programming Languages such as C#, Asp.NET , SQL and Oracle databases