Software Development

At Compass Softwares we develop customize software for our customers, customize software can run on one or more different platforms with or without a connection to a data source. No meter if you want your business software solution to run on a PC or a MAC , on iPhone or on other mobile devices , at Compass Softwares we have a great definition on how to make the process of creating your application smoothly , accurately , on time and according to your budget.

By making a modern software solution, we must follow and focus on the process of development which had developed during the past few years and follow by the industry standards. We are focusing on producing the right product using the right technologies follow by Microsoft, Oracle and Apple standards. At the end of the process our goal is to deliver a product with 100% customer satisfaction.

Software Development process:

  • • Initial Requirement Gathering of what the software need to do.
  • • Interview client to understand and document their business domain
  • • Requirement Definition and Scoping of the project into requirements specifications document
  • • Project Management including Project Planning and Scheduling of all modules
  • • System Architecture by converting requirements to complete Object Oriented software architectures
  • • System Design by converting requirements into UI and screens samples
  • • Rapid Prototyping and review by the customer
  • • Application Development and unit testing
  • • Full System Testing, integrate all modules, along with test documentation
  • • Application Release and user implementation
  • • Application Support, Guidance and creating support documentation