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iPlanner for iPhone

Planner Application by Compass Softwares is a complete software solution for any Sales Team. The system works widely with different type of industries and was design to run on multiple platform by using modern Web Browsers.

The application on iPhone devices as well as the back end Web Application were designed with lots of thoughts on its security perspective. To achieve high security level , OTP number (One Time password) is required and implemented on both platforms separately , and all users are registered by unique email address , which give you a complete security level on your data access.

You can add unlimited meetings into the system and sync between mobile devices and databases. All the data the your sales team key in, is securely save in your local database (or remote databases , depends on your network design) for future analyzing. All meetings are enclosed with agenda and for each agenda the sales team can add results of conversations and what is needed to performs to reach the next step.

Implementing iPlanner in my business solve me many issues with my sales teams. Even I can say that my sales team is great, but this application put everything we need in the right focus and help us to complete and analyze our sales activities.