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Outsourcing and Offshore Software Development

At compass software we provide to our customers Software development Services according to their needs and the type of their project. While we provide traditional in house development model we also provide Outsourcing Software Development and Offshore Software Development. Outsourcing of software development is referring to organization workout to a 3rd party, while Offshoring Software Development refers to getting work done in different country.

Outsourcing Software Development or Offshore Software Development is the best solutions for many Commercial companies, as well for Software Houses. By adopted these options companies can cut costs while gaining access to world class software engineers. From our wide experience, we find out that each customer with its projects is a unique mission, therefore before even suggesting customers price and cost for their projects, we will discuss with them to understand what is the scoop and draft requirements of the project to fit the best development method available to them. For some customers we will recommend Software development Outsourcing but for others we may suggest the second method as Offshore Software development or other traditional way of Software Development.

For example, in most cases, when a customer request large projects when requirements change from time to time we will offer an Offshore Software Development, but for the mid size we may offer another approach. Our developers at Compass Softwares are professional and has good experience in their field, all of them adapted the best practices patterns for Software Development and most of them hold an International Certificates from the main Software Company in the market, such as Microsoft, Oracle or SAP.

To have an initial meeting with us, and to give us the opportunity to guide you on your project, please contact us today, FREE of charge. While local clients who based in Bangkok or in Thailnd we can set a meeting at your preferred place, for international clients we offer meetings by using voice over IP (VOIP). You don’t have to be worry about culture and languages barriers, our team can speaks English, Thai, Hindi and even Hebrew.