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Boost your business with our mobile biz applications!

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At Compass Softwares we are developing customize business applications for multiple industries. Our solutions run on tablets , mobiles and desktops, all develop by in house team specialized in the most up to date technologies , such as SAP , Microsoft , Oracle , Apple and iOS, Android and other mobile platform. We provide to our customers full IT solutions from networking and server configurations through software developing and licensing.
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Mobile Applications for business

iPlanner for iPhone

iVerify for iPhone

Many companies are using mobile apps to operate and to get quick access to their data. Your business can, too. It is time to get your business on mobile devices and to develop an app that will cover all your business operations to connect your employees, sales team and customers.

Mobile apps lets people make transactions directly with the wave of their smartphones, helping to drive sales. Many companies already extend their operations on mobiles and gain new market share, gain your missing market share by implementing a mobile apps today.

iPlanner and iVerify are just a sample of mobile apps by Compass Softwares. iPlanner is a solution for any Sales Team. The system works widely with different type of industries and was designed to run on multiple platforms by using modern Web Browsers. iVerify is assisting you in verifying your business operations, and gives alerts to authenticate employees where they can inspect requests and give their actions in real time.

iPlanner   iVerify  

Business Intelligence Platform

QlikView is a Business Intelligence platform which turning any existing data into a business knowledge. You can visually view any data for better understanding of the business activities.
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Software Development for business

When we develop a customize software , we have a great definition on how to make the process of development smoothly , accurately , on time and according to your budget.
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Enterprise Application Integration

In many exisiting systems few importent operations are missing, we realize the needs of a specific system integration and introduce the ability to connect to any tpye of data source.
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Facility Management Application

Many enterprises organizations own their facilities, all the physical assets need to be organized and maintained properly, operate your assets and control it with Buildfolio system today.
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Specialized in Food Industry

image At Compass Softwares we create systems that are focused on the specific needs of food manufacturers, and food distributors. With our system you can easily control and have good overview of your entire operation. Each system provide full Real-time inventory management including a Warehouse Management system integrated with other devices. Shipping and Logistics Management modules to optimize freight expenses and more.

We successfully implement solutions at:

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