Product - Software Licensing

Microsoft Windows 8 , Office 2013 , Oracle DB

Microsoft Licensing can be very confusing task for more business owners as well for the IT team or the IT manager in the business or organizations. Microsoft offers variety of different kind of licensing for all main produces, such as Windows 8, Microsoft Office 2013, Windows Server 2012 and more.

For example, if your business is operate with 5 or more PCs, which runs with at least one Microsoft Product , then you may consider to purchase a Volume Licensing instead of purchasing each product separately.

There are many advantages of purchasing legal licensing of a software, but once you decided to do so, you need to make the right decision on your purchase. Compass Softwares (Thailand) Ltd. is an official Microsoft Silver Partner with many Microsoft Licensing sales behind us, therefore we can guaranty for the best price in the market for Microsoft Open Licenses.

Contact us today and we will give you our opinion on your software licensing in your business and we will help you to get the best option to choose from.

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