Compass Softwares Co.,Ltd We assist our clients in process analysis and customize application in specific areas to address ineffective working procedures. Working closely with users to truly understand their culture and capability is essential in creating a very functional and adaptive system. read more
WINDOWS APPLICATIONS Our applications are based on variety of platforms depending on needs, security, efficiency and specific tasks for certain work areas. Rest assured in our skill whether it is Web, Mobile or Windows based client server applications. All our systems support multiple databases such as Oracle, MS SQL and all other SQL database servers. read more
WEB AND CLOUD APPLICATIONS Another example of our web based application using latest ASP.NET technology integrated with Ajax and jQuery. read more
BUSINESS APPLICATIONS Through decades of hard work and experience, we have been serving our clients in many industries such as Trading, Insurance, Jewelry, Food Processing, Real estate and are always looking forward to serve more. read more
WEB SITE DESIGN “First Impression”, a good and informative Website design expresses your business and expertise while attracting people to understand more about you. read more
MOBILE APPLICATIONS Mobilize your applications with latest iOS and Android technology to have your system function on iPhone, iPad and many other Smart Phones. read more
Business Intelligence (BI)

These days any business collecting some data related to sales, activities and other operations, the data in most cases is static and difficult to understand. At Compass Softwares by using BI mythologies we will be able to convert your data into meaningful and useful information.

Software Development

Mainly, we provide to our customers Software Customization Development services. Most of the time we designed Custom software in stage by stage processes, by doing this it allowing all issues and possible hidden requests to be taken into consideration, this also including issues which were not mentioned in the specifications.

Mobile Applications

Especially when it comes to Mobile applications such as iPhone/Black Berry or Windows Phones, in order to keep our customers updated we have to follow and using variety of programming products and software tools, using existing code and components.

Outsourcing & Offshore

Outsourcing Software Development or Offshore Software Development is the best solutions for many Commercial companies, as well for Software Houses. By adopted these options companies can cut costs while gaining access to world class software engineers.

BOI for IT Industry

BOI Thailand encourages foreigners to invest in specific activities especially in IT and Software industry. FREE of charge you can contact us to get our professional advice whether your business activities qualify for BOI privileges.

Software Training

Having a problem with implementing a new Software in your business ,we can train your team with the most popular applications such as Windows 7, Windows 8, Windows Server 2012, Microsoft Office 2010 and Ribbon options. We can also train in house team for most up to date developer's tools.

Software Licensing

As an official Microsoft Silver Partner, Oracle Silver Partner and others, we provide our clients all business software licensing (Open and Volume licenses), We can guaranty for the best price in the market for Microsoft Open Licenses.

Notebooks & Hardware

We provide to our customers a one stop service shopping style. We contact all main hardware distributers in Thailand and corporate with them to bring your business with the latest hardware technology that exists in the market.